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Hey, this game seemed way too fun to not try out! Though I wound up getting silly w/ it, it really was enjoyable.

Yay, a letsplay! Thank you for making my game your 100subs video (suck on it, Dora). Very amusing, but I was soooo sad when you didn't pick the 'Approach Senpai' option after mentioning birdwatching because that's actually in that ending. :(

So best game or best game ever? I had waaay too much fun playing this game, going from concerned to creeped out to extremly impressed with that secret ending, great job.

I wouldn't say best game of any kind, but thank you so much for thinking of it so highly!

If there is a final real ending I can't find it. Typing in different names didn't change anything in neither "worlds", and I feel like I'm missing a conclusion to the overall story. If anyone can give me a hint it would be appriciated.


When you arrive at the True love end, turn censor OFF, choose the option of chatting with Seb, turn back ON again. It'll take you to the hidden story from there. If you've already got that one, you've seen everything.

Just played this, and it's pretty good! I managed to get all of the endings. The way you made this was just genius!

Thank you so much :D

I hope there aren't any jumpscares in this T^T

Don't worry, there aren't any. Jumpscares are cheap tricks that don't actually add anything of value.

Hi! How long is it in minutes/hours? :)

Give and take two or three depending on your reading speed and if you find the hidden section easily.

Cool! How to contact you by email about it? (Yes, with 2 n's), but if it's a short message feel free to post it here. I'll see it ;)

Loving the game, but I'm struggling to get the hidden ending, what am I missing? Thanks :)

There a more detailed Walkthrough on Lemmasoft here:

But the simplest explanation: When you arrive at the True love end, turn censor OFF, choose the option of chatting with Seb, turn back ON again. It'll take you to the hidden story from there.

Thank you!

i was confused by the end lol . really want to know what happened next :D

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Oh, a letsplay! Yay! Thank you for reading it out loud, the trouble you had with phrasing here and there will help me improve my grammar for the reader's pleasure in projects to come.

Absolutely amazing. It was hilarious and creepy, and I was very happy to see the happy ending. That part with the mace cracked me up. Loved it.

So glad you liked it, and that you found the humor amusing!

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What can I say, I'm very unoriginal with names. :) Although she does get her own name eventually, and if you don't like the name you can change it.

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'You realize Yandere-dev didn't coin the term "Yandere", right? Anyway, Ayano Aishi's story is completely different to this one's.

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OMG, enjoyed the game so much! The story, style and dialogs are amazing! It's interesting how you can mess with the settings practically any time you want. :)

Thank you, dear author, for your work and good luck for anyone who will try to do it to the true ending!

p.s. hidden things always seem to capture me ;) and this one is siiick

p.p.s. miss V. is so adventurous

I'm glad you liked it, and the effort our programmer and GUI artist put in the options. Thank you for playing this all the way to the hidden end!

Ohmy, I really loved this game! The guy is a total creep but I loved the vibe it had. She was such a yandere indeed, good job. I really liked it :) congrats on making the NaNo deadline. (Btw... that true route... I'm so in love with a certain someone.)

Glad you liked it! And you mean friendzoned Sebastian from the true love end or real yandere-chan from the true end?

I meant Sebastian from the true love end ^^ He's super cute! o///o

Thank you for making this game I loved it! It gave me vibes from one old japanese game where like in this one you can unlock second story which is the real route.

Iam looking forward for other projects you make .Thank you again for this amazing experience

So glad you liked it! Hope I'll meet your preferences again in my next project.

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I played your previous game and I loved it. Love this one too. One thing to note:

When the Chibi setting is active, and the Pink Glasses are off, and you get the True Ending (you know, where she gets confused) , there is a weird error/default sprite displayed instead of the stalker. It doesn't happen without Chibi.

That said, you are a genius. The way you change the story depending on how many times you've played and what your name is (haha, it was funny entering Mammon as my name) is brilliant. I loved that aspect in both games.

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Thank you for playing our game, (and thank you for playing my previous game as well)! I'll look into that bug, and fix it in the re-upload. I'm glad you liked it!

P.S. Did you find the second story?

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